All weddings in Knox-Metropolitan Church are celebrations of Christian Marriage.  This means that the marriage is entered into in the presence of God as God is known in Jesus Christ, and the ceremony is conducted as an act of Christian worship.  The couple and their family and friends meet in the church to ask Goad to be with them and bless them, to listen for the Word of God, and to pray together.  Also, Christian marriage means that both partners intend their marriage to be lifelong, so a vow such as “as long as we both shall live” is always included in the ceremony.  All persons who qualify for a Saskatchewan marriage license may apply to have their marriage service conducted at Knox-Metropolitan United Church.

There are marriage preparation courses offered in Regina at various times of the year; it is assumed that prospective couples will avail themselves of one of these courses.

The use of the church, the date and the hour of the ceremony and rehearsal must be arranged with the Church office.  Other than in exceptional circumstances you should give a minimum of three months notice to the church.  Sometimes there is more than one wedding on the same day.  Who ever makes arrangements first has the choice of time, so do not assume that the time and date you want will be available when you get in touch with the church.  Make sure that you do not have all your arrangements completed for the reception before attempting to arrange with the church.

You will need a marriage license which may be obtained at some jewelry stores.  Not all jewelers are authorized to issue licenses so check the yellow pages and/or phone around.  This must be issued no later than 24 hours in advance of the wedding and is valid for 90 days after it is issued.  It is wise to get your license early.  We would appreciate that the license be delivered to the church office a week ahead of the ceremony.

Ordinarily one of the ministers of Knox-Metropolitan conducts the weddings in our Church.  However, there may be circumstances where you have a special relationship with another minister and you may wish him/her to take part in your wedding.  It is professional courtesy for the minister of Knox-Metropolitan to issue the invitation.  Please remember also that a wedding in the church is a service of the church, not an act of an individual minister, so one of the ministers of Knox-Metropolitan normally shares in the service.  If arrangements are made with the resident minister for a guest minister to officiate, any honorarium for the guest minister is additional to the fee for the services of the Knox-Metropolitan minister.  Any minister who conducts a marriage service at Knox-Metropolitan United Church must agree to follow the policies and procedures for marriage services at Knox-Metropolitan United Church.

The use of confetti, rice or other substances  in the church and on the grounds is prohibited.  Please be sure your family and friends are asked not to use confetti, etc., around the church.

Some couples are looking for other than a traditional venue and form for their celebration of marriage.  We invite you to talk to our ministerial staff if you would like a ceremony other than what is described here.  We try to be flexible within the limits of Christian tradition and United Church practice.

The minister and staff are at your service in order to make your marriage ceremony one that you will always remember with joy and satisfaction.  After the wedding we want you to feel that this church is interested in you and your welfare and, therefore, invite you to join in our Sunday Worship services and many other activities and ministries.

The caretaker needs to be present for weddings in the church or chapel.



The church organist normally provides the music for all weddings.  If you want someone other than the organist of Knox-Metropolitan to play, the arrangements must be made with the organist, and the Knox-Metropolitan organist is still entitled to the fee.  There is a concert grand piano in the sanctuary as well as the large pipe organ.

If you wish, the organist can arrange vocal or instrumental solos, or you may provide your own soloist.  The music for the wedding service should be celebratory music from the classical and church repertoire.  Please remember that since your wedding in the church is a service of Christian worship, not all pieces familiar from shows or concerts, recordings or videos are suitable for the church service.

If you wish to ask a friend or relative to sing, be sure to make arrangements with the church organist for practice times, etc.  Whether the singer is a friend or relative of yours or someone the church organist has arranged to sing for your wedding, all songs should be Christian songs or hymns with words from the Bible or Christian poetry.  Many songs heard on radio or T.V. are not suitable for the marriage service in the church but would be more suitable at your reception.  Be sure to discuss the music with the minister and the organist.


The Bells

There are tower bell ringers who will play joyful bell music on the tower bells as the wedding party and your guests are leaving the church.  If you wish to have the tower bells rung, please make arrangements for them when you make the other arrangements with the minister for your wedding.



Flowers are not necessary but if you do wish to have flowers, please make your own arrangements.  You may wish to leave your flowers  in the church for the service on Sunday morning.  The congregation is happy to share in your wedding in this way, and we will be pleased to put a notice in the Sunday bulletin mentioning that the flowers have been a gift from you.  You may choose to leave them in memory of someone.   Following the service, the flowers are made up into smaller bouquets and distributed to shut-ins and patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

There is a pair of seven-branch candelabra which you may wish to use for your wedding.  If you do use them you should provide your own candles.  Fourteen 10 or 12 inch candles are required.  Please be sure to get “dripless” candles – special church candles available from church supply stores such as Burns-Hanley, are ideal.



Photographs should not be taken in the church during the ceremony except for shots without flash from the rear gallery.  Pictures may be taken during the procession down the aisle, during the signing of the register, and as the wedding party leaves the church.  Please see that your photographer and friends are aware of the regulations.  You may wish to have your service video taped and the sanctuary lends itself well to video.  The minister  can make suggestions for camera locations, etc.  It is a good idea for the operator to attend the rehearsal.  Both still photographers and video operators should not be a distraction for the congregation or the wedding party.

Providing there is time following the service, you may wish to have pictures taken in the balcony with our stained glass as a backdrop.  If you wish to do so, please talk to our minister and church secretary.  It is recommended not to take more than ½ hour in case it conflicts with other weddings on the same day.



Sanctuary Fee: $325

Minister: $275

Organist: $275

Host: $75

Tower Bell Ringers: $40

Payment for all services is to be made at least one week prior to the wedding, to the Church Secretary.  (we prefer to receive the fees in cash in separate marked envelopes). These are minimum fees: the amount should be appropriate to the amount of time and service given).

If for some unforeseen reason a wedding service is cancelled, 50% of the Sanctuary Fee will be refunded if the Church Office is notified at least 3 months before the scheduled date;  if less than 3 months, there will be no refund of the fee.