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  • Seniors Fellowship, 11:30 a.m., Room 104 


  • Official Board meeting, 4 p.m., Room 105

NEXT SUNDAY: June 25, Third Sunday after Pentecost
SCRIPTURE: Genesis 18:1–15, (21:1–7); Psalm 116:1–2, 12–19; Romans 5:1–8; Matthew 9:35—10:8, (9–23). SERMON: Cam Fraser, preaching

THE SASKATCHEWAN CONFERENCE PRAYER CYCLE invites us to pray this week for the following congregations and ministries: Plains Presbytery of All Native Circle Conference; Cabri, Hazlet, Pennant, Chinook; Carrot River, Tamarack; Carlyle, Twin Valleys.

SUMMER FLOWERS: For the months of June, July and August, you are invited to share your garden flowers on Sunday mornings as has been the tradition at Knox-Met in past years.  The flowers can be placed on the communion table or on the stage just prior to the service.  If you wish, the flowers can be left for distributing to those unable to attend our morning services or you can take them home again. Thank you for sharing the beauty of God’s world with us! Consider the lilies how they grow — Luke 12:27

WANTED: SCRIPTURE READERS — If you would like to join our team of readers please let us know. You can talk to Tom Stickland at 306-584-0781.

COFFEE HELPERS NEEDED — During Fellowship Hour today there will be a sign-up sheet for helping with coffee during the months of July and August.

FLEA MARKET NEWS: The annual Knox-Met Flea Market will be held this year on Saturday, September 30. The storage room has been cleaned out and is now ready for your donatons. We welcome Men’s, Women’s and Children’s clothing, shoes, hats, purses, scarves, household items, small electrical appliances, seasonal and sporting goods and jewelry. New or good quality items are also requested for the Gift Shop. We are unable to accept cushions, pillows, comforters, stuffed toys or furniture. Please put your donations in closed boxes or plastic bags. They can be dropped off at the church any time during office hours, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

WELCOME SIGNS expressing “I’m glad we’re neighbours” in English and Arabic and then saying Welcome in over 20 other languages are available in the lower hall. There is a suggested donation of $10 all of which goes back to the Heritage Community Association who developed this project. Signs can be picked up from Ian.


RHUBARB DAYS: Rhubarb Days was initiated last year to demonstrate how we can use the fruit of our own Knox-Met garden to cook up a tasty rhubarb treat for coffee hour.  Coffee or tea and a dish of rhubarb crisp with ice cream was served for just $3.00 and proved a popular idea.  So here’s the plan for Rhubarb Days for 2017.

– What? Rhubarb treats will be served Sunday, June 25 during coffee hour.

– How?  Last year we almost ran out of rhubarb, so this year we are suggesting you try to find a source for rhubarb either at home or from friends or neighbors.  We will have bunches of Knox-Met rhubarb available June 18, at coffee for those who cannot find another source.  Last year we suggested you bring Rhubarb Crisp.  This year it is wide open to bring whatever you like: rhubarb pie, crisp, cake, sauce (which we can serve over ice cream) or anything you please.  Served with ice cream it’s a bargain at just $3.00 (all monies will go to the Knox-Met Refugee fund)

– Why?  a) It’s a fun treat we can do for ourselves – People Power at its best!

– Questions? Call Joyce Wells 306-569-1228, Bob Ivanochko 306-757-5939 or Greg Horsman 306-789-9367.

SUPPORT FOR CARMICHAEL OUTREACH: Outreach helps support other organizations with their commitment to ensuring at least one free meal per day to destitute Regina citizens. Carmichael Outreach has an exceptional food-recovery program that feeds [hundreds] of people daily. But Carmichael does not have cash to buy containers in which to hand out food. They depend on churches and private individuals to collect yogurt containers, margarine tubs, clean plastic bags etc. That’s what the bin in our lower hall entrance is for.

Outreach & Social Action asks Knox-Met people to save and wash used plastic containers and deposit them in the Outreach bin. The need for containers grows as Regina’s homeless and low-income numbers increase.  Emptying the bin and taking the containers to Carmichael Outreach is not difficult, but it requires frequent attention.  That’s something Dad and the kids could do after church, maybe once or twice a month.  That would be much-needed assistance for the current volunteer who has been bin tending since 1997. These services are part of Knox-Metropolitan’s mission of living “downtown on purpose.” If you are interested in finding out more and/or helping, talk to Greg Horsman, Chair of Outreach & Social Action Committee or Past Chair, Bob Ivanochko. This is a committee that truly runs on PEOPLE POWER.

Fishing Tips: How Curiosity Transformed a Community of Faith

Over the past several months, the Board as well as various Ministries and other groups have been exploring a book called Fishing Tips written by Rev. Dr. John Pentland, minister of the thriving Hillhurst United Church in Calgary, AB. The book explores a number of strategies used at Hillhurst over the past decade as they turned from dwindling into growing and became a vital part of their community. This book is being used by churches across the country to re-ignite imagination and inspire fresh visions. We have 9 copies available for anyone to read. Interested in borrowing a copy? See Cam! All we ask is that you share with others what intrigued and inspired you about the story and promise to pass it along to someone else in this faith community!

The Labyrinth @ Knox-Met is open for the summer: The Labyrinth is now open for the duration of the summer during regular office hours M-F 9 a.m to 5 p.m. starting June 21, and before/after services on Sunday morning. All are welcome to come and walk the Sacred Path as a spiritual practice. This is a self-guided experience and materials are available to guide your journey. You will find the Labyrinth in the Gym/Upper Hall.


The Board held a special meeting on Sunday, June 4 to consider whether to accept a proposal from Meraki Design Group (Meraki) to develop a schematic design for the renovation of the church building.  A schematic design is the next step in addressing the open question set by the Board in Fall 2014 “What building design will support our future ministry?”

In June 2015 the Board established the Building Design Committee (the Committee) and asked it to address the open question.  The Committee gathered information and consulted with a range of people about the building, and in March 2016 the Committee presented a report to the Board summarizing its findings.  The Committee also proposed a vision for the building and principles for its renewal.  Finally, the Committee recommended that the Board approve the engagement of an architect to provide advice and professional services in three phases:

Phase 1 – to provide an assessment of the current state of the building and its systems and the opportunities and constraints on improvements.

Phase 2 – to work with the Committee and congregation to select the most promising options for improvements and develop schematic designs and high level cost estimates.

Phase 3 – based on affordability and the benefits of each option, the church will decide which improvements would be taken forward for detailed design and construction.

In July 2016 the Board approved the engagement of Meraki Design Group (Meraki) to carry out Phase 1. In a report dated November 30, 2016 Meraki set out the results of its assessment of the building.  The report also contained Meraki’s recommendations for a phased approach to the renewal and upgrades of the building.

In approving the preparation of a schematic design, the Board is moving on to Phase 2 of the building renewal process.

At its June 4 meeting the Board asked the Committee to work with Meraki to develop a schematic design, engage with the congregation to get feedback during the design process and report back to the Board by March 31, 2018. The Board also approved a Second Mandate for the Committee.