Baptism is the earliest of Christian sacraments, which are re-enactments of Biblical events that allow us to participate in God’s drama.  Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan by his cousin John the Baptist in order to show that he was beginning an entirely new way of life.  In the same way, we perform the sacrament of baptism in our church during Sunday worship to involve the adults, children and parents in the making of a new life.  God is the one who baptizes; we just pour the water, so we perform baptism both for infants and for adults.  During the sacrament the parents or the adult promises to commit him/herself to a life-style in keeping with Christian practices and ideals.  Usually, there is another adult who acts as sponsor and guide for the individual being baptized.  Baptism has two parts – the pouring of water on the person and the blessing of the Holy Spirit.

We are open to all who wish to be baptized and invite you to contact the Minister or Church Office (306-525-9128) to discuss preparation for the sacrament of baptism on a future Sunday.