During the Course of 2018, we will be engaging questions about the Future of Knox-Metropolitan United Church in a number of ways. Many Institutions struggle to ask questions about their own future, especially when the future looks at all uncertain. Unfortunately, when such Institutions don’t engage the possibility that they may cease to exist, that possibility may already have become inevitable.

Knox-Metropolitan United Church is not in imminent risk of closure. But we do know, that according to demographic trends and financial projections, despite a recent trend of growth, we are 10-20 years from ceasing to be viable in our current form. This is a challenging truth, but not one to be avoided. This community has been asking difficult questions of itself for close to a decade. These questions are part of what has brought us to our current place, at a moment in which we are ready to bring together various threads of work, planning and discussion under a banner we are calling—Being There When the Future Comes. Rather than wish that circumstances were different, we are determined as an organization, to be proactive, engage with hard truths and challenging conversations.

On Sunday, November 26, 2017, we gathered as a Congregation for an Information. We heard how other congregations within the United Church are responding with creativity to their own circumstances and to a changing context in which churches (as well as many other traditional organizations) no longer play the same role they once did. The PDF below is an update intended to capture the Highlights of the November 26 presentation as well as to connect it to other questions we are asking ourselves about the future, both short and long-term.

Throughout 2018, we will be hearing a lot of information, exploring exciting examples of courageous ministry, and speaking to one another about what we do, why we do it, and what we might be doing in the years to come.

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Being There when The Future Comes. (Advent 2017)