“There are many rooms in my Father’s house,” Jesus said in the Gospel according to John, and that is definitely the case at Knox-Metropolitan in the center of downtown Regina. Our rooms and spaces are used by many different organizations for many different purposes: concerts and choir practices, anonymous group meetings, planning meetings and award ceremonies, martial arts and yoga and meditation groups, movie shoots. Some rent space for a regular ongoing meeting; others for a single large event or gathering. Please contact the Church Office at 306-525-9128 for scheduling and the list of our reasonable fees.


Room Capacity Wheelchair accessible
Sanctuary 941 Yes
Chapel 35-40 Yes
Lower Assembly Hall 350 chairs/220 tables & chairs Yes
Gym – Full Kitchen 318 chairs/252 tables & chairs No
Room 101 8-10 Yes
Room 104 – Blackboard 40-65 Yes
Room 105 – Small Full Kitchen 30-50 yes
Centennial Lounge – Sink 20-30 Yes
Nursery – Three Small Rooms No