All funerals in Knox-Metropolitan Church are acts of Christian worship that celebrate the life of an individual and the message of the Gospel and resurrection.  The family and friends of the deceased gather in the church to ask God to be with them and bless them, to listen for the Word of God, and to pray together.  Our congregation believes that funeral and memorial services are one of our basic ministries, so we welcome all who wish to have a funeral service conducted here.



Ordinarily one of the ministers of Knox-Metropolitan conducts the funerals in our Church.  However, there may be circumstances where you have a special relationship with another minister and you may wish him/her to take part in the funeral.  It is professional courtesy for the minister of Knox-Metropolitan to issue the invitation.  Please remember also that a funeral in the church is a service of the Church, not an act of an individual minister, so one of the ministers of Knox-Metropolitan will share in the service.  If arrangements are made with the resident minister for a guest minister to officiate, any honorarium for the guest minister is additional to the fee for the services of the Knox-Metropolitan minister.  Any minister who conducts a funeral service at Knox-Metropolitan United Church must agree to follow the policies and procedures for funeral services at Knox-Metropolitan United Church.

Funerals are also conducted at funeral chapels and at the gravesite.  Whenever possible a minister is also available to conduct a service in these locations.  The minister plans the service with each family and with the church organist, if applicable.



The caretaker needs to be present for funerals in the sanctuary or chapel.



The church organist provides the music for all funerals.  If you want someone other than the organist of Knox-Metropolitan to play, the arrangements must be made with the organist, and he or she is still entitled to the fee.  There is a concert grand piano in the sanctuary as well as the large pipe organ.

If you wish, the church organist can arrange vocal or instrumental solos, or you may provide your own soloist.  The music for the funeral service should be music from the classical and church repertoire.  Please remember that since a funeral in the church is a service of Christian worship, not all music, recordings or videos are suitable for the church service.  If you wish to ask a friend or relative to sing, be sure to make arrangements with the church organist for practice times, etc.  Be sure to discuss the music with the minister and the organist.


Tower Bells

Our Darke Memorial Chimes, the Tower Bells, are often tolled at the end of the worship service – one toll for every year of the deceased person’s life.



Flowers are not necessary, but if you do wish to have flowers, please make your own arrangements.  After the service, you may wish to leave your flowers in the church for the service on Sunday morning.  We will be pleased to put a notice in the Sunday bulletin mentioning that the flowers have been a gift from you.  You may choose to leave them in memory of the deceased person.   Following the service on Sunday, the flowers are made up into smaller bouquets and distributed to shut-ins and patients in hospitals and nursing homes.



A reception for family and friends is often held in our Lower Assembly Hall following the worship service and/or the interment at the cemetery.  This is a good time to greet and support family and friends.  Our Memorial Service Committee is able and willing to set up the Lower Hall and serve coffee and tea.  If the family wishes to have some food (sandwiches, dainties, etc.), we ask you to arrange for food to be delivered to the church.


Costs & Fees, effective September 1, 2017

Use of the Sanctuary or Chapel for a funeral or memorial service: no cost

Tower Bells: no cost

Minister: $275.00

Organist: $275.00

Host: $75.00

Reception/Use of Lower Hall and Kitchen: $250.00