Congratulations on your engagement!!

Thank you for considering Knox-Metropolitan United for your wedding.  We are honoured and can’t wait to discuss the details with you.

Our large sanctuary is over 100 years old and its architecture is awe inspiring. The beautiful stained glass windows, pipe organ and balcony make for an intimate and beautiful space to exchange your vows.

Knox-Met’s minister will meet with you and build a service that is full of joy and meaning. Your distinctive and unique ideas are welcome here.

We want to make your ceremony special for you, while also highlighting this important sacrament built on cherishing love between two people.

Knox-Met United is known for our music. There is a concert grand piano in the sanctuary as well as one of the largest pipe organs on the prairies. The Musical Director typically provides the music for weddings and this cost is included in the rental fee.

Another unique gift Knox-Met has to offer is our tower bells. If you wish (and the weather permits) bell ringers may be available to share the joy of your wedding by ringing the tower bells as your guests are leaving the church.

For more information and Frequently Asked Question, check out our Marriage Brochure.


Ready to get started? Here is what’s next.

Step 1 (as soon as possible) – Contact us and check if your dates are available and get your name in our calendar.

Step 2 (within 2 weeks of booking)– Drop off or mail a cheque for the $600 deposit. This confirms your dates.

Step 3 (at least 4 weeks before your wedding)– Contact Cam, our minister, to arrange an initial planning meeting.

Step 4 – Contact Hart, our music director, to arrange for a music planning meeting

…from here we will work with you directly to make your wedding ceremony memorable, full of love and run as smoothly as possible.